About Us

We like to introduce ourselves as a training institute called Exim Alert Institute of Logistics for logistics located in Chennai for the past 18 (eighteen) years and basically, we are a developer of Focus EDI Software for filing various documents with ICEGATE for the past 18 years to the industry under DextServ Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is a unit of Exim Alert.

We will conduct offline and online classes for various long and short terms courses on Customs Law & Procedure, Freight Forwarding and technical aspects relates to Customs as well as coaching classes for F Card & G Card exams.

These courses are designed for people who are new to the global transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain businesses and require obtaining new skills and knowledge to be more employable; and those people who are presently working in the global transportation, trade, logistics and supply chain businesses, but seek to elevate their skills and knowledge to boost their career.

After the completion of course, participants will have a successful start career in Shipping & Logistics Sector. To make practically more efficient and full of confidence with all Custom clearance and freight forwarding services, we ensure that the course is designed to fulfill all expectations in the trade world.

Diploma Courses

(Affiliated to Bharat Sevak Samaj, Planning Commission, Government of India)

• Diploma in Customs Clearance (Two years)

• Diploma in Customs Law & Procedure (One Year)

• Diploma in Customs Clearance & Documentation (Duration - One year)

• Diploma in Freight Forwarding & Consolidation (Duration - One Year)

• Diploma in Customs Clearance & Freight Forwarding (Duration - 18 Months)

• Diploma in Customs Compliance (Duration - One year)

• Diploma in Export & Import (Duration - One Year)

• Diploma in Customs, FTP & GST (Duration - One year)

• Diploma in Customs Skill Development (Two Years)

• Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (Duration - One Year)

Short Term Courses

• Customs Basic Law (One Month)

• Customs Procedures (Two Months)

• Customs Skill Developement (Two Months - Weekdays)

• Customs Clearance - Procedure & Documentation (One Month)